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Invention of Quallanology

On the Invention of "Quallunology" This category of study is inspired by Zebedee Nungak's study of "Qallunology"--a term he invented to denote the study of Qallunaat and that he unveiled during a series of CBC radio commentaries in November 1999. My thanks to Mr. Nunagak for his advice on studying these matters. Marcel Masson at Nunanet (internet provider here in town)---asked him what he thought of "Qallunology". He said: "I think Zebedee should be given a medal or something. It was the ultimate in political satire. But most of the discussion on the political forum (internet chat) flamed him; they thought it was racist. It's not racist, it's brilliant commentary, hysterical. I had to pull over the truck when I first heard it, I was laughing so much." There you go. Frankly, I'm kind of shocked by Marcel's remark about negative response to Qallunology on the internet chat room; but maybe that's because the type of people who spend all their time on that chat room are loosers anyway?! I must be naive, but if that's how low the threshold is for commentary, then--wow-- are we ever in rough shape. Some folks think that a "Qallunology" column in Nunatsiaq News is a good idea, but the editor disagrees ("2 columnists is enough!"); so there'll be no columns like these in the paper. Mr. Nungak has said that he has no interest in getting involved in the philosophers' debate over the origin of the word "Qallunaq" itself. ().What follows are some draft newspaper columns on these subjects.